Photo from Mount Royal, Frisco, Colorado.

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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Parkrun 5k

There is absolutely no reason to write about my race on Saturday when one considers the monumental occassion it was for Natali. The truth is, she didn't really want to run 5k. She had never run this far at once. And we kind of forced her into it. I knew that she would enjoy it and be proud of herself. But I had no idea she could run 5k on icy terain in terrible wind in 30:32?! She didn't stop once and had this beautiful, relaxed running style. I was 25 years old the first time I ran a 5k race and wish I would have started at 12. Doesn't she look great?!

I love the fact they didn't believe she was in the race because she wasn't wearing technical running clothing. It is very telling that her biggest fear in life right now is "seeming Danish".

Now for the disappointer.

When I started warming up, I knew I didn't "feel it". I always used to think this was some lame excuse bloggers had when things didn't go well, but I have come to realize that there is at least some truth in it. Some  days you feel it and some days you don't. I had a terrible cold and my stomach was still bothering me from the EGD. But I would of course still give it a go. In paddle gloves.

Thanks to Peter Agis Larsen for all of the photos below...

And I came through the first 1k in the lead, even for the men. But this was a mistake.
This is just one of  those pictures you do not post of yourself.  

And then where did this relaxed-looking heel striker come from? (He started out running with Natali and then sprinted ahead)

Grrr. Not happy with my time and feeling like crap. Garmin said I came through 5k in 19:37, official time was 19:47 - course made long due to having to run around ice patches. Bleh. I'll be back. We'll be back.


mmmonyka said...

I know you will be back!:)

SteveQ said...

19:47 (or 19:37) is completely respectable, unlike "seeming Danish." Somehow, Rasmus' hat screams: Dane! I haven't "felt it" the past few days, but I've been training pretty hard.

Marathon Mom said...

Great job Natali!
I've had too many of those "not feeling it" runs lately, mentally they eat away at you and are so defeating. You will be back even stronger, hang in there.

Fast Bastard said...

Steve, that's a SWIX cross country ski hat, bought in Sweden many years ago. It's almost as old as Natali and a very prized possession. It's very, very cool, just so you know.

cherelli said...

That is awesome for Natali! nice work! just read SR's blog - i hope things start to look up soon job-wise- I guess a move to eastern Canada would be out of the question? very difficult with family spread out...are there any other options for a hematologist and residency work? BTW I do think you would love Colorado (as you have said); at least it's closer to SR's kids than where you are now?

Jacqueline said...

Good job, Natali! I love having the kids involved in races -- and showing them that it can be really fun to be active -- or even to volunteer and cheer for others.

Sorry for the disappointing race. But the photos are great. :-)

Alicia said...

If the course was a little long and icy, isn't that pretty much the same as your PR? I'd say that's good news, if you can run an almost-PR while not feeling it. Congrats to Natali!!

And personally I think SR's hat screams "Minnesotan"...