Photo from Mount Royal, Frisco, Colorado.

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Monday, 11 February 2013

Please accept my apologies. I am on fire.

My body is changing in oh so many ways. (I love writing sentences that could be from a musical about puberty).

I was at my step/core class this morning and I noticed how different my legs looked. More defined quads. I should probably take a picture, but 
Some women can burn over 500 calories running 5 miles.
you'll have to take my word for it when I say my quads look like this. photo credit: San Francisco Chronicle

After class, I did a warm-up run in preparation for my 6km + 4km tempo effort. Ole wanted 4:10/km pace - and I was thinking - right a 41 minute 10k in -6 C, all alone!? Not too likely. Yet my body was yearning to run a tempo.

It went well and I ended up running the first 6km in 24:14 (came through 5k in 20:11) and the 4km in 16:14. Faster than I had ever imagined!! 40:28 for the whole 10k. (That's just under 4.03 min/km pace for those not so keen on maths. Do you ever just love writing math in plural like those crazy Brits?) Outside! In the winter!

I think you can see the proof here: 
(I highly recommend Endomondo as a way of tracking workouts. I absolutely love it.)

Please feel free to follow all of my non-treadmill workouts at Endomondo: (

What did my training look like this past week?

Mon.: step+core, 1.5 km x 3 in 5.45, 5.43 and 5.38 (0,5% treadmill)
Tues: 10km in 44.27 outside (supposed to be 4:45 pace, was 4:27)
Wed: spinning 45 min.
Thurs: 18 km in 1.21.48 outside (supposed to be 4:45 pace, was 4:33)
Fri: 5 x 1 km in 3.45, 3.45, 3.43, 3.42, 3.40 (supposed to be 3:54, was 3:42!!) (0.5% treadmill)
Sat: core + spinning
Sun: swimming with HG tri club 1 hour (pool, of course), run 10k in 43:51 outside (supposed to be 4:45, was  4:23)
Today: step + core, warm up, 6km in 24:14 (4:02 pace), 4km in 16:14 (4:03 pace) outside.

As you can see, the longest run was 18km. But nothing is slow.

There are a couple of great things about a training plan like this

- More time (it was Natali's 12th and Christian's 5th birthday this week + a very busy work week and I was able to fit it all in)
- I wake up ready to run. That feeling that I had from overtraining syndrome is gone. Perhaps I just had overreaching? (althgough it did last from late October to mid/late January)
- Ole just told me to write sub 1:25 as expected finish time on a half marathon I will be running this spring!! (nope, not telling)

Running song of the day: Diamonds by Rihanna (oh my, my, my, how I LOVE the way she says "Bright") Does Rihanna ever disappoint for running songs?

Oh, my childs. I love them. I went a little wild with the camera this past weekend.


Danni said...

It's great to see you're getting so fast AND running a normal amount. I bet they're related.

Olga King said...

Quality over quantity. What a noble concept! :) Great job, girl!

cherelli said...

I have leg jealousy...and yes i second the quality over quantity concept, good results and more family time (and yes what a lovely family you have :) ) I'm looking forward to seeing how it pays off in your results!

PiccolaPineCone said...

wow. I am happy for you. (and a little bit envious... I'll be honest) but really happy for you!

Karen said...

Awesome job! I love the family photos too. Natali looks a lot like my cousin Renae did at that age.

SteveQ said...

Those are the best photos of Natali I've seen.

My quads are killing me. They tend to go in ultras, so I've been trying to work hills, do sprints and push in long runs... all of which make them ache. And then there's the snow shoveling.

Alicia said...

Glad to see SR is getting a head start on training for Arrowhead;)

Brianne said...

Your kids look great. Natali sure is beautiful. And of course I am amazed at, and envious of, your running! Makes me hope that 33 really isn't the end of getting faster;)

Angelica said...

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