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Monday, 8 April 2013

Inaugural Fyr til Fyr 60k

This is what the ultramarathon is about: using your legs to get from one place to another in the stunning majesty of nature.

None of this rat in a cage 2km asphalt loop or treadmill nonsense.

Thank you Moses Løvstad, Jesper Halvorsen, the artists previously known as Team Suunto, and your wonderful family and friend volunteers, for an unforgettable 60k. This was the Danish ultra event of the year (I'm willing to bet). Dare I say you guys are onto something big?

Since October, I have had too much pain in my right leg to even attempt a marathon (though of course I did attempt the Bandera 100k and dropped after that right leg locked up). Luckily, shorter distances have been okay. Finally, about a month ago, I was diagnosed by my physicial therapist (and fellow ultra runner),  Jakob Nordholt Hansen, with a protruding disc, which had been causing the radiating pain down my right leg. Right before Griseløbet, he did something to my back by pressing hard that took the pain in my leg away - after some intense, continuous yoga and stretching, I can run long again - and what perfect timing for Fyr til Fyr

I have a lot  to say about this race (including the return of CCU and the eating of a ton of snow (not in that order)), but would rather let the pictures do the talking for now.

Check-in. Photo:Stine Sophie Winckel
Start at the Dueodde lighthouse with one hand on the wall. Photo: Moses Løvstad.

leaving the lighthouse at Dueodde- the southern tip of Bornholm. Photo:Stine Sophie Winckel

Beach running with Stefan and Stefan. Photo: Stefan Stougaard.
Photo: Stefan Stougaard
From Dueodde Lighthouse overlooking the course. Photo:Stine Sophie Winckel

Photo: Stefan Stougaard
SR and Dorte Dahl. Yeah, she really is that good (previous age group world champion in Mountain Running, according to SR). Photo: Stine Sophie Winckel.
Photo: Stine Sophie Winckel.
Basically this photo is about showing off my nice, er, back....pack.
Photo: Stefan Stougaard.
Birgitte Munch Nielsen tackling the ever- changing coastal terrain.
Photo:Stine Sophie Winckel

Whoohoo! This is a fun gate!
Photo: Stine Sophie Winckel.
Pia Joan Sørensen rejoicing at the one aid station, despite just learning I was right behind her.
Photo:Stine Sophie Winckel
Ehhoew. Is it over already?
Photo: Moses Løvstad.
What is going on here?
Photo: Stine Sophie Winckel.

A run the next morning with Daniel Ditlev, Dan, Greg & SR.

And then awards!
First 3 Ladies: Dorte Dahl, Pia Joan Sørensen and, well, me. We all won Innov-8 trail shoes and the Bonholm brew "den dødelige hest" - The Deadly Horse (the latter for all running faster than the previous "fastest known time" on the course: 6:16).


Race video (in English) featuring our new BFF, Greg "Team USA" Friedman.


SteveQ said...

It was a year or so ago that I said something about wanting to go to Bornholm and you said you'd never been. Now I REALLY want to go there! (or maybe just anywhere it doesn't snow in April)

Alicia Hudelson said...

Wow, what great photos! That looks beautiful. I didn't know the sun ever came out in Denmark;) And congrats on the podium finish!

Karen said...

I completely agree with the first two sentences of this post. Million loop ultras sound so boring. Looks like a beautiful race!

Jene said...

That looks amazing. I can't wait to train for my first ultra once I'm done being pregnant.