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Saturday, 25 May 2013

200 meter PR & Salomon

I think a PR should be mentioned, no matter how short the distance. Or rather, I'll mention it so I know what to compare future times to.

SR accompanied me to the track (the one that is the correct length) today and we did 200's x 6 together, with a 2 minute break. When I say he ran them with me, he really did run them right next to me (I think because he wanted to see if I had been lying about my interval times).

Here is what they were


(Just for the record, they did induce a migraine again. Again, I had to take a nap to make it go away.)

I had never run one faster than 39 sec before - and I think I only did that once. For such a short distance, I am well aware of what a huge improvement this is and thinking I need to find a fast 5k like right now. Well, it's not to be. Tomorrow I am running the Salomon Trail Tour 10k in Hvalsø (my favourite place to run in Denmark outside of Bornholm). Of course it will be awesome.

Trail Tour produkter 2013: vizor, DVD, vitamin well, red bull mm.
All of the runners tomorrow will get these in their race packet!

Speaking of Salomon

Yesterday, the unthinkable happened! I was offered a Salomon sponsorship from Salomon Denmark. It started out rather rocky when I entered Kim Sørensen's phone number into my telephone after he gave it to me on Facebook. I was supposed to call him between 8 and 9 am. At 8:05 I call "Kim" and a crackly voice answers telling me it is 1AM and he is in Peru (this is all in Danish) and why am I calling him? (I started thinking I had dreamt the whole thing about me being invited to call him - but where did I get this number - oh dear!) And suddenly I realized I was calling the wrong Kim, race director of Hammer Trail, and woke him up before he was to start Jungle Ultra. Noooo!!! What a stupid, terrible mistake. Kim S from Hammer Trail was extremely nice and understading. Geez. Good thing it was two days before race start.

When I called the correct Kim from Salomon, I immediately could sense this was the right thing and, wow, they really do treat their athletes well. And what a huge honour for me to represent this company, which really has done so much for trail running in Europe (my experience with them in the US is limited).

Tomorrow, as mentioned, I'll be running their 10k trail race in Hvalsø, which will undoubtedly be won by Camilla Spagner, also a Salomon athelte, who can crank out a 37 minute 10k when needed. I do feel like there suddenly is a little pressure on me to not finish in the middle of the pack. I'm just hoping that my hard work and dedication to representing their products and writing honest reviews will make up for my lack of talent and beauty.

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