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"That is happiness; to be disolved into something complete and great. When it comes to one, it comes as naturally as sleep." - Willa Cather

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Tree trunk sign, the desire to run long & dual citizenship

Tree Trunk Sign: When you have an imprint of a tree +/- bark on the front of your shirt and chest skin, accompanied by various frightended but friendly bugs and crawlers. This is pathognomonic for running steeply downhill in mud and torrential rain in the forest with New Balance minimus "trail" shoes.

And my call out for help- I need trail running shoes with a good tread. Can anyone out there recommend a minimalist trail running shoe with traction that can take on the Alps and Superior Hiking Trail even in the event of rain?

(I am willing, very willing, to write a review if someone sends me a product to test. Just throwing it out there. European size 40.)

This is exactly how my mind works- I just remembered that I won a pair of Inov8 Mudroc shoes that I simply need to return and get in my size. At least I'll have something! Seems like they offer traction satisfation. Yes, I just arranged it with Extreme Sports in Lynge and a pair is coming my way.

The Desire to Run Long

But first- did this seriously show up on my Facebook page from Polar Dash?

Um- this woman is not a runner. She is a model who wears annoying shiny chapstick and "natural" (very obvious) makeup and annoys the hell out of me. Go away. I don't like your bra. I don't want to run in your bra (it wouldn't fit me anway). Get off of my blog.

Perhaps my blood sugar is too low to write about running ultra marathons.

The thing is, I read Amy Sproston's blog and it struck me. She sat looking out of the plane window at Mount Hood and the familiar gorgeous nature of her home. And - yes- that is it. We run long because we can. Because we can traverse forest trails and parks and river edges and really, really be a part of this earth and it is a home for our soul.

What better motivation is there to run a 100 miler other than WE CAN?

And then - as many ultra runners know - there are also times you can't fathom why you ever would or did want to run so long. So many people have suffered from overtraining- it is being discussed more and more. If you don't love the experience of running, take a break.

Last winter, I kept thinking- why am I running? I wish I were doing X (this was usually swimming or Bikram Yoga). But after Fyr til Fyr, it came back- just like that in a lightning strike as quickly as the desire went away.

Dual citizenship

Exciting times in Denmark now as a majority in the current government is for allowing dual citizenship. Learn more here: This obviously would have a huge positive impact on our family: if a bill is proposed and passed. If you are a Dane opposed to double citizenship, I would love to hear your reasons and thoughts.


Danni said...

The US doesn't technically allow double citizenship does it? I know people do it all the time anyhow.

sea legs girl said...

One area of American law I actually know ;0). Yes, the US allows dual citizenship.

cherelli said...

Yep, my sister is now dual US/Australian...good luck on Denmark getting it, that would be super handy. Just to play devils advocate - how do you know that model is not a runner? She doesn't have great muscle tone admittedly but she might run a little to keep her weight down for jobs, she might be only run/walking in a C25K class...what is your definition of a runner...? :)

It would be handy if I were an ultra runner then perhaps I could cover more of these beautiful northwestern trails too! For now I'll settle for hiking I guess...

SteveQ said...

I think it's funny that all the ads I get on Facebook feature women with red hair. Like I'm going to choose a realtor by her photo! Now, purchasing a running bra based on a photo - that's a different story.

sea legs girl said...

Ok, ok,Cherelli- she might be a runner! If you run to the mailbox, you can call yourself a runner for all I care.

But imagine this scenario: a group run is being arranged. We all meet at trailhead X- and this woman shows up. In that outfit. I think "even in the US" something might seem weird. Granted none of the guys would complain.

Plus I forgot to mention she was supposed to represent "women rock MN". I don't know. It just really rubbed me the wrong way.

cherelli said...

SLG - yep I can see how she'd rub you the wrong way, I'd probably b*tch about her behind her back if she rocked up at trailhead X too :) As for representing MN...hmmm, uh yeah, unlikely, I doubt all the womn there walk around with the "aren't i sexy?" expression on their faces....

Rebecca said...

Yes...I see ads like that quite often and I always roll my eyes. Not long ago one of my friends took issue with me because, fed up with an ocassional jogger who threw around the phrase "us runners" every other sentence, I dared to question whether the woman was a runner...or a person who sometimes runs :) I'm so obnoxious, I want everyone to love my sport, but then I am rather picky about who can lay claim to it! (I also have been known to take issue with matching running outfits/cutesy skirts/shaping sports bras--???-- whose purpose seems, at least to me, not to be practicality but rather to make running cute/femenine, because you know, women can't do icky hard things unless we find a way to look attractive while doing them.)

Karen said...

1. I've got the Merrell Mont Mavis that is minimal with some gnarly tread that I really love in the mud. They may have discontinued them since I got them in the Merrell outlet store.

2. I've got that bra too, actually several. It's pretty nice.

3. The ads on my Facebook are all about babies and pregnancy. Apparently FB thinks I'm getting too old to be childless and need a little shove.

Jill Homer said...

That's actually an interesting social experiment — seeing what adds pop up for you via Adsense and Facebook. I usually see ads for credit cards, Netflix, Amazon books, and the Adobe Creative Cloud software. Apparently the Internet knows I'm self-employed and work from home.

I never see baby stuff because my relationship status isn't "married." :)

Anyway, I think you're spot on about the desire to run long. I hate to say "because I can" or "to see if I can" because it sounds like such a cop-out. The desire to run long seems more inherent and primordial than the desire to run fast. After all, even the fastest among us are slower than nearly every other mammal out there, but given enough time, we'll out-distance them all (except for maybe sled dogs. Those huskies are incredible endurance athletes.)

sea legs girl said...

Jill & Karen, I totally was not clear in the way I wrote it, but that was actually not an ad; it was a picture shared by "Women Rock MN" and "The Polar Dansh" as something women could win. I just didn't like the way she was depicted. I'm sure the bra is nice as is the woman behind the model.

Kirsten said...

Now since I've finished being bitter (LOL) and raced a totally innocent Finnish woman to her break point, I can begin relating to other things (she came panting from behind in the forrest and I decided that if she was going to pass me, I would make her work bl... hard for it. I could feel her determination and breath in my neck, but then again, she didn't know that my competitive genes are emerging slowly but surely these days!! For the first time in my running life, she didn't get me and was left behind in a little heap... ;-) )
Anyway, all this ultra talking gets me going, I'm listening and learning, my goal for spring next year in April is my first 60K in Israel. That might keep me sane and help me overcome the move. Because I can (I desire to "can")!
Crossing fingers for the dual citizenship, I'm also waiting!!

Robyn said...

I'll go you one further. The whole "Women Rock" race strikes me as condescending. Do we really need pink bling and shirtless firefighters handing out finishing medals? What the hell would you say if there were a race where bikini-clad models handed out the medals? It's the same thing. Ugh.

That said, I have been known to bust out a really loud, obnoxious shirt on race day or whenever I need a boost (the InkNBurn Sugar Skull T shirt). But that's a little different from matchy-matchy-cute. I think.

sea legs girl said...

Kirsten, I am so excited about your 60k, but somehow even more excited that YOU BEAT HER! Ha. In a heap, baby. You deserved that win! As I always say, you don't have to be a Fin to win. Do I always say that?

sea legs girl said...

Robyn, that is interesting! I actually didn't know what this whole "women rock" thing was. These things just tend to show up on FB, you know. Pink bling and shirtless firefighters aren't exactly my cup or tea either. Basically it is the generalization that ALL WOMEN LIKE X that is the annoying part about it, I think. Women are also allowed to hate bling and love shirtless female firefighters... for example. :0)