Photo from Mount Royal, Frisco, Colorado.

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Thursday, 1 May 2008

sealegs grandma

****before I start the post, I just want to say thanks for all the info generated about the bike trailers; I respect how all of you mothers and non-mothers out there feel about putting an infant in a bike trailer. I don't want to convince anyone out there to do it if they are not comfortable with it. Without research into the safety of this, it's difficult to make a recommendation either way. I put my recommendations in the last post about safety for those of you who do want to use the trailer in this way. Of course, if you live in a state with helmet laws, you will be breaking the law if you do it (because you certainly should not put a helmet on an infant), and I don't encourage that! So, Nancy #1, you make a good point.****

So, I am sad today because SR is gone. This is the first time we have been apart for more than a day since July (when I was in Residency in Oklahoma) and I just hate it. We made a little pact back then that we wouldn't ever again be apart from each other for more than a day. Well, I had to take ACLS (advanced cardiac life support) renewal and he had to take ATLS (advanced trauma life support) and the courses were in different cities, his lasting two days.

Every time the phone rings, I think it's someone calling to tell me he got into a car accident.

Before he left, we just stood there kissing on the stairs, not wanting to say good-bye. And as he was getting into his car, we gave each other a look. A look that said we love each other and there is nothing more important.

My mom sort of witnessed all of this. She has been here helping out with The Bois. She said for the first time last night: "I have it straight in my mind now, that you are in a better relationship with SR than you were with ex-husband. You wouldn't have had any trouble being away from ex-husband for days at a time."

In fact, she loves SR. She said "He cooks, he cleans and he's great with kids... what woman wouldn't love that???"

Perhaps that's when it got a little weird. Later when she heard the phone ring, she got all giggly and said "I bet that's SR!" She answered it with a mischievous school girl voice "Hello?"

"My lady?" SR said, thinking it was me. And my mom had to hand it over.

SR and I do joke about my mom and his friends flirting with him, loving his suave foreign doctor ways and his great cooking. But it's all in fun. And I think the truth is my mom and her friends are just glad to see me so happy.

All that being said, my mom is questioning SR's idea of the two of us taking The Bois on a trip climbing and camping on Mount Whitney (highest peak in lower 48). She has nightmares about it, in fact. I honestly know nothing about taking infants up to high altitudes. I'll have to (of course) do some looking into it before we commit.
The perfect father.

The mischievous grandma.

The young revolutionary.


olga said...

Would you look at his smile!!! Even his eyes are smiling!
SLG, I don't know anything about taking infants to high altitude from zero, so you'd have to look it up - I mean, babies live at altitude, but how long would they adapt? I know our younger was taken to this height at age of 7 and had headache and threw up, but that could be him. Although at the same time it never happened again.
Europeans rocks:)

Michelle said...

Awwww, what a cute pic of the Bois!! He just gets cuter by the day! :-)

Michelle said...

Oh, and I read on SR's blog that you're running a HM this weekend. Funny, because I am running my FIRST HM this weekend, too!!! Of course, you guys will beat the pants off me (because I am soooooooo slow!!!), but that's OK. Sometimes it's about the journey, not how fast you finish, you know?

Good luck this weekend!

Danni said...

Cute picture!!!!!!

I just googled altitude and infants:

Sounds like you would need to make sure he doesn't turn blue.

Danni said...

Oh, and look out for dingos. ;)

Lisa said...

SLG, try to keep busy while SR is away-time will pass quickly...and don't be upset if you cook something that is not so fancy. That kid is so cute.

Olga-you don't look old enough to have kids. LOL! Child bride?

runmomma said...

Meghan said: When will these human beings simply put their heads down and do their own life? What makes them so anxious to sniff around in the business of others so seemingly judgmentally?

OK, let's do a reality check here. It's not like we (meaning those of us who posted negatively about the bike trailer incident) read your diary or something. You're posting on a PUBLIC BLOG. So you're implicitly inviting anyone/everyone to read this, including the nutjobs!

You are obviously interested in publicly sharing your life, your opinions, your choices or you wouldn't be blogging. And you do not strike me as a fool, so I know you must know that many of your choices are controversial, so of course people are going to disagree with them. And when the issues are very emotional ones like child safety, you can bet that people are going to react very strongly.

While I'm not condoning rude or nasty comments, I think you should expect them. Anything else is just naive.

Meghan said...

Sea Legs,

This is a really adorable post. There is just love going in every direction. The smiling Bois in the last picture is like the cherry on top, soabsolutelyadorable. He looks like SR, I think. What do you think? I hope SR arrives home shortly and safely.


I agree that folks are free to read (and criticize) as they please on these public blogs we do.

What I think just plain sucks is the way folks talk about Sea Legs over on Runango. To put it bluntly, the things people have said about Sea Legs over there aren't socially acceptable in the real world, non-online version of human interaction. What makes it okay, then, in the online world, to pass judgement without full knowledge, to call Sea Legs rude and foul words, and to critize with nary an iota of constructiveness? If people can't behave in a civilized manner, then I do think they should keep their heads down and mind their own business.

My personal opinion, though, Runmomma. If people are going to act in a socially unacceptable way (as they are entitled to do), I'm going to point it out. Especially when it happens with someone I am connected to, like Sea Legs.

For whatever it's worth, people seem to make rather constructive commentary here on Sea Leg's blog (Or at least that's what I see. Who knows what kinds of comments Sea Legs has had to delete?), it's over on Runingo where I saw it get really nasty.


Michelle said...

Hey, Sea Legs,

I just saw SR's race report on his blog. You two rocked that HM! Great, great job!! :-)

Hope you post a race report, too!

runmomma said...

Meghan - I assumed that your comments must be pertaining to what was being said here on this blog. I don't know about what folks "over on Runango" have been saying so I have no opinion on that.

But I still maintain that if you publish something in a public forum, you must be prepared roll with whatever people decide to say about it, be it constructive, rude, socially acceptable, or otherwise.

Just as those folks "over on Runango" have to roll with whatever you say about them over here.