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Saturday, 28 June 2008

Vacation Begins

Last night we stayed up late watching the track and field Olympic trials. We ate an obscene amount of homemade banana bread (a vegan recipe of my sister's). For the first time in my life Olympic runners looked like normal people. I used to think they looked so gaunt and muscular.

We ran a nice 17 miles today.

Oh, and SR got a job. The Bois and I actually went to the interview with him. It'll be a great patient population. And now that stress is gone :).

We leave tomorrow for our trip to California and Nevada. I'm ready to just spend time being in love with my boys. And I'm so excited about the running and hiking. Here's our itinerary:

Sunday 6-29: flying in and staying in San Fran
Monday 6-30: run in state park in San Fran, buy camping supplies and head out to Lake Tahoe.
Monday night - Thurs 7-3: stay in cabin near lake Tahoe a mile hike from the road, without running water (just a bed for lots of love and a place to store our running shoes).
Thursday 7-3: Drive to Reno to stay with a wonderful couple
Friday 7-4: Driving to San Fran, stay in a Bed and Breakfast
Saturday 7-5: Racing 50K (SLG) and 25k (SR) on Angel Island.
Sunday 7-6: Eat in and leave B&B, tour San Fran, drive to Sacramento
Monday 7-7: Long bike tour of Sacramento.
Tuesday 7-8: Drive back to Reno
Wednesday 7-9 to Friday 7-10: Head out to the Sierra Buttes
Saturday 7-11: Back towards San Francisco, camp in state park
Sunday 7-12: Fly home

We're bringing my computer, so I'll try to write from the road.

Running Song of the Day: Malene by Sys Mjerre


Meghan said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip! Enjoy every minute of it, and good luck to both of you in your races.

Have fun!

Olga said...

It looks fantastic, enjoy the trip you guys!!!

Abbie said...

Hey SLG,

Would you mind putting up your blog email address again? I can't seem to find it in my gmail nor do I remember which blog you posted it in.


sea legs girl said...

Abbie, The email is