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Tuesday, 11 May 2010


As I was running home from yoga, I made up my mind to give up on the whole pregnancy test thing for a while. I mean, there was no rush. If I were pregnant, the little pink line wouldn't go away. And plus, I realized I was trying to use my possible pregnancy as an excuse to run slower. But if I were pregnant, would I even necessarily run slower? I had wondered about doing intervals while pregnant. It wasn't something I tried during my first pregnancy (during that pregnancy I just ran a lot of miles). There was no reason for me to believe it was dangerous to run fast. But it's natural to fear what one doesn't know. But Sarah sent me a link to this NY Times article about Kara Goucher and Paula Radcliffe meeting in the morning while pregnant to do tempo runs and hill repeats. I have to admit I smiled when I read this. Then I read this sentence from a Dr. Mona Shangold: "I don’t know it’s safe for high-level marathon runners to run at that level during pregnancy". Well, what in life are we ever 100% sure of? Are we sure that NO running is safe? Well, in fact, it has been shown that some running is safer than no exercise at all. Anyway, I know Dr. Shangold is well-meaning, but why do pregnant women always have to be afraid they're doing something wrong because it's "never been shown to be safe"?

Back at home, standing in the kitchen talking with SR about our days, I had this nagging urge to check my underwear status. Yes, the p-wave. Most consider the p-wave atrial activity on an ekg, but we consider it our code word for "the period". And what about all the symptoms? Well, I guess the back aches were just pre-menstrual and the nausea was perhaps just hunger with this crash diet I'm on. But it's amazing what one can convince themselves of when trying to get pregnant. I had actually already decided I was having a girl and that every time The Lorax had a crying fit it was because he was jealous of the baby he alread sensed. Well, back in the land of sane thoughts, this means Copenhagen Marathon unburdened by a morula of a baby, a break from pregnancy sticks, and an interval session tomorrow with no excuses.


Danni said...

I'm guessing you're sort of disappointed so I'm sorry about the P Wave.

Barefoot AngieB said...

weird but the same thing happened to me last month. I felt pregnant. There was no way really to be pregnant since we are careful and I know when I am fertile but I was nauseous and tired and just felt pregnant. I am in fact not disappointed but it does sound like you are so I am sorry about the P wave.
I do wish however I would have had the experience of running while pregnant. Best of luck and happy practicing if you are trying!

Ewa said...

There is always another month. At least no more guesses for a while.

PiccolaPineCone said...

hey there, sorry about the non-pregnancy this month. it is amazing what our minds can convince us of. the only month i was 100% sure i wasn't pregnant was when i FINALLY was. i think it's exciting though that you will run copenhagen non-pregnant.
btw did you know that kara goucher recently (at least i think it was recently) started a fan site with a blog? maybe i am just behind the times, you can find it here:

Katie said...

Sorry to hear about the P wave. It can drive a person mad when they're trying to get pregnant! Good luck for next month!

I am pregnant right now. Almost 6 months. I'm running and I have to say that this post made me feel better about my running. Thanks for sharing the link too. I love reading anything I can find on running while pregnant!

sea legs girl said...

Thanks Danni. Yeah, but of course there are pluses and minuses whenver it happens. I just hope it happens sometime.

BAB, Thanks for making me feel like less of a fool. Even women who are in tune with their bodies can be fooled, I guess.

Thanks, Ewa.

Piccola, I went and read Kara Goucher's blog and thought the idea was cool but was disppointed it wasn't more personal. But every blog can't be like my favorite blogs :). Thanks for the link, though.

Oh, great, Katie! That made my day. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!