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"That is happiness; to be disolved into something complete and great. When it comes to one, it comes as naturally as sleep." - Willa Cather

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Seeking blog advice

First, I have received an offer from a reputable website with many readers to move my blog to their platform. This would involve changing the web address and confusing everyone with a professional-looking blog. I am really happy and honored to get this offer, but wanted to ask the opinion of my readers. Should I move my blog to another platform that is not my own? I have already asked if I can keep writing about whatever I want and the answer was yes. Oh and I don't have to advertise anything.

Next, you can hear about how I accidentally just ran 39 miles. Or you can do something else.

I had 1:40 minutes for a run Friday afternoon, so I figured I had better make the most of it. I had originally planned to swim but I can barely get to the pool and get my swim gear on in that time (slight exaggeration). I went out to find the most technical, muddy trails I could find in the area and managed just over 12 miles. It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon and I was thrilled with my effort and felt I earned eating SR's dad's birthday dinner.

On Saturday morning, we found ouselves in SR's parents' "summer house" on the northern coast of Denmark near the town of Nødebuhuse. Sounds idyllic, I know. But I usually end up feeling a bit trapped and annoyed with windy, rain when we are there. But this weekend was gorgeous. SR's brother and sister said they owed us for something. I can't actually remember what is was, but they said they would pay us back by watching the kids for 5 hours (!). No matter what we did for them, it was not anywhere near the worth of their offer. SR and I planned to run and then bike. I didn't know how much I had in me after the spiritual tempo the day before. SR and I ran 9 miles together and then began arguing about doctors' salaries in Denmark (SR believing doctors are payed too little, me believing the pay is fine). Anyway, we parted ways in the large forest, Tisvilde Hegn. It's the big green area between Liseleje and Tisvildeleje.

Vis stort kort

And it at times looked like this

At mile 15, I realized I had forgotten my Petit Écolier cookies. Not good. I was starving. I also was nearly out of water and figured I had a good 6-7 miles back. En route back, I saw a nice little party happening by a nice little pond. I meekly asked if I could have a little bread or someting as I was far from my destination and had forgotten my food. About 55 people looked up from their lunch and smiled curiously. Typical Danish parties would involved exactly 55 sausages and 55 corresponding buns for 55 people. I had forgotten about this. I played the clueless foreigner and they gave me a heathy-sized bun. :). There was, of course, no water because everyone had taken their own private soda. I eyed the pond with murky, still water and was feeling inclined to fill my bottle and not think more of it, but was afraid that mothers would fear that any children that had seen me would be scarred for life. I went on thirsty, though with pleanty of bread to enjoy.

I was under the impression I was on the way back to the summerhouse, but suddenly, at mile 18, the ocean was on the wong side of me. My legs were really aching and I was on the brink of death due to dehydration (or I was at least thirsty). I asked a couple where I was and a guy, who turned out to be the head of the American branch of Novo Nordisk (who of course manufacture insulin), told me I had better turn around and that I was about 9 miles from my destination. Hmmm. "Don't cry!" I told myself. Luckily he knew where some water was. I showed him my Garmin and he and his wife had to laugh at my insanity/situation. He let me use his phone, but I didn't know SR's number. I'm not what you would call mobile phone savvy. Otherwise I also might have taken one along. But I was wearing my Buff, so I at least looked cool. I waved a farewell and just hoped I wouldn't get lost again. And thought about May-Britt running the Grand Union Canal 145 mile Race in England at that very moment. 27 miles is nothing. And 39 miles in 24 hours. I couldn't help feeling a bit happy about how that sounded (btw, it appears Maj-Britt is STILL running even as I write this. Awesome!). And I also thought about how every mile would give me a better shot at beating Steve Q at Voyageur. But I also considered how Piccola Pinecone might disapprove of my junk miles.

Anyway, I felt just terrible about not getting to spend such a beautiful day with the kids and SR. And I was sure SR was worried. If only I had known his number! Alas, if only I weren't such an idiot. I was so happy to make it back and SR told me he was sure I had thrown myself into the ocean "in despair". I do hope he was joking. I assured him that if I ever threw myself into the ocean, it would only be out of utter confusion or a desire to swim.

And speaking of mulit-day running challenges, we later talked about running the Trans Rockies ( (sorry, I can't get my normal link function to work at the moment) in August of 2011.

Running songs of the day: Mob by The Morning Code (For some reason this song sounded really good after 23 miles. Perhaps it will also work for one of you one day.) and Cosmic Love by Florence and the Machine


SteveQ said...

Oh, you won't need any help beating me at Voyageur - not the way my training's going!

About moving the blog: what are they getting out of hosting your blog? I'm guessing it's a local sports sponsor and they're hoping to get people to see "serious" athletes trust them.

btw, I suggested your blog to a woman who's running and 7 months pregnant, so some strangers may be stopping by.

Angie Bishop said...

Talk about an adventure!
I think you should go for the other blog and see how it goes!

Anonymous said...

Another good question - what would YOU get out of moving your blog? More exposure (is that what you want?), some cash (who wouldn't), cool new site design (maybe)... all things to think about. If it makes you happy, we will all be just as happy!!
Oh, and the run sounds AWESOME! you GO!

cherelli said...

"But I was wearing my Buff so at least I looked cool" - ha!!!! That's what I think too when I wear MY Buff!! As for the blog moving, there should be a little something in it for you...I don't mind a move, just make sure you let us all know where it's at.

PiccolaPineCone said...

same question as the others - what do they get out of the deal? what do you get? i think your readers will follow you no matter what!
do i disapprove of junk mileage? yes, i guess so. but i guess i have a more lenient definition of junk mileage than in all those "run less run faster" programs. easy mileage is useful and a staple of most training programs. 39 miles... seems like a lot but then i know nothing about training for ultras, doesn't seem like *that* much if you are training for a 50 miles (though it seems like about 15.8 more miles than i can run!)

PiccolaPineCone said...

oops, i meant 12.8 miles more than i can run

sea legs girl said...

Steve Q, no actually they are not a local sports sponsor. Hmm. Aren't you curious :). Thanks for suggesting my blog to your friend.

Piccola, bear in mind it was 39 miles in 24 hours and not all at once, so I'm sure you could handle that!

Marie-Aline said...

I tend to think there is no such thing as a free meal. It seems too cool that they would host your blog without getting anything in return. Even if the only thing you are required to do is to post regularly and it seems like this is not an issue given that you do that anyway, I would think twice. My experience about this is that it can create pressure ("am I really going to write on this", "should I write about this that way", "oh my god, I don't feel like writing today but I probably should", etc), and you may lose some of the spontaneity which has attracted people to your blog in the first place.

But thenn maybe it is just me seeing the world darker than it is, and there IS such thing as a free meal!

Anonymous said...

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