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Friday, 23 November 2007


Those of you who have been following this blog have probably been waiting with great anticipation for my first injury. I'll admit that there does seem to be something a bit loco about running 12 miles a day during the 3rd trimester of pregnancy. I kept thinking that with only a 9lb weight gain, I wouldn't be much more susceptible to injury.

Anyway, it was a beautiful cold Thanksgiving night. SR was still at work, so I ran out to the deserted trails with music and felt myself becoming part of the dark, empty night, when, basically, my hip just started hurting more and more. It's now to the point that I am having trouble walking. The only way I made it home was it was sooo cold that I think the pain was somewhat numbed.

I'm pretty sure it's the piriformis muscle.

So no running today. I'll stick to the bike, the elliptical and swimming. Hopefully I will avoid a big setback and I'll be running again tomorrow. We are again planning to go out of town for the weekend, which hopefully will involve running in a state park, but we'll see.

And now I'm asking for advice: does anyone know anything about pregnancy belts? From what I've been reading, they might make the runs more comfortable. But I don't want to end up with a hideous running accessory that does nothing more than cause chafing.

And for those of you who can run...

Running Song of the Day: I Love Ya by Nik og Jay (my favorite Danish band)


Lisa said...

Oh no! I heard that during pregnancy your joints and tendons are more flexible and prone to injury? Perhaps this contributed? Hope your hip comes around soon. You are in such a good groove lately.

Run Forrest said...

Your joints and everything do loosen up a lot during the last trimester. It's your body getting ready for labor and delivery. It may be a good idea now to cut out the impact exercise to avoid any further injury.

olga said...

I wore pregnancy belt with my first child (btw, it was quite ugly, but then again, it was in Russia). I didn't run with it (I wasn't running back then), but walking in it did help to hold belly in place. I never saw one here, and would assume they are more comfortable. Can you ask you ObGyn for a sample?

Sorry it happened. Since I tore piriformis (along with hammie) back a year and half ago, it's never been the same. Try and get a belt or some other device to hold it tight.


Anonymous said...

Sea Legs,
Sorry to read about your injury. Take it easy and heal up before pushing yourself too soon. I hated that feeling of ballooning up (swelling) I had it with two of my pregnancies it feels awful.
Not much longer to go :)