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Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Recovery day #6, 29 weeks pregnant

I ran 1/2 a mile today. It felt great to be stared at on the treadmill at the Y. Men especially stare at a pregnant woman running like they might at an animal in the zoo. And I'm more than okay with that as long as I can run again.

My goal is to increase my mileage by 1/2 mile a day, barring excruciating pain in the hip. Honestly, I am absolutely desperate to run again. I had a bout of depression this morning before the workout for no particular reason except the lack of endorphins.

I am continuing to bike, elliptical, swim and do yoga. But any of you who are runners out there know there is no substitute for running.

I'm already fearing my blood pressure will be up at the prenatal visit on Friday, despite the lack of appreciable weight gain. I was also planning to refuse the glucose tolerance test for gestational diabetes, just because I fancied myself so healthy. But without the running I'm not so confident.

At least I'm happy with the weight gain: 9lbs in 29 weeks. Honestly, I would not have wanted to gain more.

Okay, can you say control freak?

But bear with me. I think back to when we women were hunter-gatherers and know that's how we should live now. I read the shocking statistic that premature births have increased by 30% in the last 20 years! And what has changed? Our diet, our activity level and our environment. But the details have not been worked out in the medical literature. No studies to date can account for this rise. Everything points to infection, but why are women now more susceptible to these infections??

Anyway, I'm hoping to run a 5k race on Dec. 8th, but we'll see how the hip is.

Only had time for one song while running today and it was a good one:

Running song of the Day: "Floating" by Jape.

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