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Thursday, 10 April 2008

50k with 9 week old Bois

It's a bit difficult to keep the excitement up about 31 miles of trail running with cold, pouring rain outside. I'm hoping it turns to snow, as predicted, otherwise I might have to say it's not worth it!

It's not the simplest thing to prepare for and run an ultramarathon 9 weeks after the birth of The Bois. But my strategy was as follows:

Run 12 miles with or without baby jogger every other day.
Alternating days run 3 5ks as fast as I can on the treadmill and then swim or elliptical. Of course this was made much easier by the 2 free hours of childcare at the YMCA.
Last week, we got in 4 days of running at 7000 feet in Utah. Who knows if that will help or not. From what I've read, peak EPO level is reached after two to three days altitude exposure and the effect lasts 10-15 days.

I've never been a big one for tapering, but today and tomorrow (two days before the race) I'm just running a 5k, then spinning then swimming.

The plan for the race is to start out fairly quickly and take a nice long break midway where my mom will be waiting with The Bois. I'll breastfeed or pump, eat some snacks, drink something. Then I'll continue, probably not as quickly and making more stops the second half. Provided it's not freezing pouring rain, it should be a lot of fun.

SR bought some yak trax, but I have decided not to wear them if it is at all muddy (thanks to the advice of a friend).

I'm looking forward to seeing one of my blogging friends there, too! I think you know who you are!

I am feeling a bit of pressure from SR to go for the female win or at least the youngest age group win. I love the competition of a run, but hate the pressure, probably because I've never really been that fast. And seeing as I've never run an ultra before and have only run one marathon AND I've only gotten in one long run (18 miles) because of babysitter time constraints, I'm not planning on anything spectacular. Maybe one day.

Time for The Bois and I to head to my dentist appointment.

Running Song of the Day: Ridder Lykke! By Rocazino


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Olga said...

I did think for a minute to go for a specific time, but I agree - on a first try and especially with breastfeeding stop you might want just enjoy it and see for yourself - you'll be able to set future goals easier. I hope you love it, you seem to be the kind of a person:) I hope SR would go after fast boys and shows his speed and determination with great results (I won't bet on anything still). When it's slippery - try and put the whole foot down, not just the toes.
Don't forget to eat and drink, even if cold, and take salt. Smile as you can always! Have fun!

Lisa said...

Olga sounds like a veteran! You are all such fantastic athletes! I hope for the best for you in this Ultra. I bet the Bois will be pampered by Grandma, and both of them will love it! Run Well, to the three of you!!!!

H said...

Hi! Thanks for your blog! I came looking for running during pregnancy.

I'm doing less than you, but it's nice to know that some are able to keep it up past 7 months - that's the furthest any of my friends have and I'm at 25 weeks now.
I did 15-20 hours a week pre-pregnancy and during pregnancy am down to 6-10 hours of much less intense activity with my doctor's blessing and encouragement... Nothing compared to yours, but still enough that a few people give me a hard time. (It's like - hello? Don't you think my doctor and I know better what's okay for my body than you?)

I think I get less of a hard time than I might though because I'm having *no* problem gaining weight. In fact, I've gained too much (mainly first trimester when I couldn't exercise, but still; and have been gaining normally since.) Every study I have found says it's not the activity that causes the problems that in the past was associated with it, it's inadequate weight gain/food intake...

Anyways, was nice to run across your blog. Thanks for putting it out there!

Olga said...

I hope you're ok and had your plans changed and goals adjusted, but not an injury or sickness or anything else. Will be waitng to read it when you're ready to write:)

Olga said...

Oops, found ya:) Welcome to the U-Family!!! Great job!