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"That is happiness; to be disolved into something complete and great. When it comes to one, it comes as naturally as sleep." - Willa Cather

Tuesday, 3 June 2008


Life is good right now. So good I'm almost scared.

My application to complete my residency and work as a doctor in Denmark is done. It took a while to gather everything, but all in all their system seems much more streamlined than in the US. SR also got his in, too, and should be able to start subspecialty training right away. We bought our plane tickets to leave the country at the end of November. Already we're talking about ski trips their and our more official (and big) wedding.

I also submitted a research article (unfortunately not on running in pregnancy... that one is still in the works).

And I'm back to exclusively breastfeeding The Bois (looking more and more like my diet WAS the limiting factor).

SR and I went shopping last night. I tried on dresses for his graduation and we bought his favorite for $59 (you gotta love Express). When it came to accessorizing a dress we were about equally clueless, though, so I opted not to buy anything. The Bois was unable to voice his opinion, unfortunately.

And we purchased a few things for the triathlon we're doing this weekend. This will be a first for both of us. We trained last weekend, doing the exact bike (24 mi.) and running (6.2 mi.) route for the intermediate distance (I'll be doing that distance and SR will be doing the sprint). The water has been so cold here, though, that we didn't swim. I convinced SR that I needed to buy a wetsuit. Little did I know how expensive they were. I'll find out if it actually makes swimming any warmer tomorrow night.

As you can tell, it's a slow night at work. I'm getting paid $92 an hour to write this. Yes, it is probably now easier to see why life seems so good.


Abbie said...

Why is it that you're getting $92 an hour to write? I'm curious...

sea legs girl said...

Because I'm at work waiting for patients to come in. It's actually usually not this slow :).

Michelle said...

Lucky girl!! :-)

Hope the wetsuit works for you. I am soooo not a swimmer, so I have no clue if those things will keep you warm or not, although I've heard they do help.

When are you planning the move to Denmark?

Michelle said...

OK, big duh here. I just re-read and saw you're leaving in November. *slapping forehead*

Olga said...

You go, Girl, with a Tri! What a challenge! OK, not so much for you, you do all three sports so well and so regulary...and what a great jump into unknown with Europe! I am psyched for you! You guys really support me without knowing it:) Just please promise not to disappear when you move!

Danni said...

Is there a shop where you can rent a wetsuit? Or a friend you can borrow one from? Tris are so freaking expensive. I have all the gear but of course have lost interest in the sport. . . perhaps I will regain interest.

The wetsuit will keep you warm and even better will make you more bouyant and therefore FASTER!

Danni said...

Hey slg: I was thinking about the low calorie/metabolism thing and remembering Alan Alda's PBS show covering a related topic. That guy Dr. Walford, if I understand correctly, advocated strict calorie restriction as a way to live longer. I think one of the key ideas behind this was slowed metabolism. I don't know that his was "good science" but it's interesting. He was one of the Biosphere guys.

H said...

Tris are just expensive.

The wetsuit will work if the water is cold enough (legal temp according to USAT) to wear them

With as fast/competitive in spirit as y'all are--- you should really practice transitions.

Lisa said...

Woman, you deserve it. I sure don't want your job or SR's. Stressful! Good luck on your Tri!