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Thursday, 29 October 2009

Many subjects discussed below

Race recovery

This has been the fastest ultra recovery I've had to date. And much faster than the two marathon's I have run. I am back to running normally and without pain just 5 days after the race. It seems like the more long races I do, the shorter the recovery is. Makes sense, I guess. Or maybe it is my diet that has improved (let's just say I eat more than oatmeal and gum now).

May-Britt (who also ran) has unfortunately had some bilateral hamstring problems, which she hasn't had before, so it can't soley be dependent on the number of long races one has run.

My modeling career

So I was asked by one of the fathers at The Lorax's daycare if he could take a picture of me for the local health store Body Kick I am quite tickled by this. I even went so far as to buy anti-aging cream for around my eyes. I don't even own make-up, so this was vanity to the extreme for me. I'll hopefully be able to get a copy of the picture they are going to use for their website.

The Bois' language development

I recently became concerned that The Bois was not learning words quickly enough. My mother reminded me when I was in Wisconsin of the list she still has of the over 600 words I could say when I was 20 months. The Bois, who is also 20 months, can say about 30, though some are complete sentences. He basically refuses to repeat words, but will only say them if he knows exactly what they mean. It is quite strange because when he listens to the radio, he sings most of the song lyrics after he hears them sung and also will sing the radio station's jingle, sometimes even before they play it. But I did some reading and apparently the tendency with kids in houses where two languages are spoken is for them to hold back in repeating because they are confused by the multiple words which mean one thing. There were a couple of larger studies that showed this. This certainly makes sense in the Bois' case. He just spent two weeks with my parents and they couldn't understand a single Danish word he said. I can see how that would be frustrating for him. Anyway, it has been interesting to observe. If I know mothers correctly, there will certainly be someone who comments saying their child could speak 700 words in 3 languages at 10 months. And that's cool.

My IUD and pregnancy thoughts

I have now had rather heavy bleeding in connection with my IUD every day for the last three weeks and before all my blood is bled out, I am considering having the thing removed. I even made an appointment to have it done. Is this too much information to write on a blog? But we are trying to figure out if it is too early to have another little one. Once you have one baby, it is like all of these forces in your body work together to convince you need to have another. Any other mother's agree with me on this? If I were sensible, I would wait until we were getting near the end of data gathering in the PhD project, otherwise the project would just be on hold because of my bad planning. Plus 3 kids in one house is suddenly a lot! But don't get me wrong. I certainly would be thrilled if it happened.


Like Oprah says, Danish rye bread is the best, especially when homemade.

Running Song of the Day: Milan Allé by Magtens Korridorer


SteveQ said...

Einstein and Edison didn't speak at all until they were two, so it's not much of a predictor.

Me? Apparently I started speaking in full sentences. "Yeah, I don't think so," "I can't change myself!" and "Tom hit me." I was a weird child.

Danni said...

I've heard some kids are just really quiet for a long time and hardly talk and then suddenly speak articulately in complete sentences. I wouldn't worry.

Yay for modeling and quick recovery. Boo for blood. Yay for eating more than oatmeal and gum. No cranky caveman are you.

-A said...

In terms of language, it is more than likely the bilingual thing. And? If he's stringing words together he has at least 50 words, I'm not entirely sure if that counts each language separately or together. At twenty months stringing words together, he's fine! As a twenty month, soon to be bilingual child? He'll be okay once he sorts everything out!

Olga said...

Boys are always later (ok, usually). And never pick it up to the girl's level - neither at early age, nor later in life:) Bilingual doesn't help either. My older and younger boys are an example in difference.
As for IUD, for some reason American version really tends to bleed a bunch. The one I had back in Russia stayed put and caused no changes in period. With the one here - last one stayed 12 years, and my period went from 4 weeks to 2-2.5 weeks - and very heavy. The new one (freshly done) is not causing short in-between officially, but does cause bleeding in the middle, so it's almsot like 2 periods in a month, one short and light, one regular. Too much info? I guess, but hope this helps. I still choose it for convenience.
As for trying to have another baby - I'd probably lean towards waiting for completeing (or close to it) PhD, but sure do know the "call". The longer you wait, the weaker the call is:) So if you do want to have another, try not to have them any more than 5 years apart - they may end up not playing much together, and it's like having two "only" child(s) instead of 2 kids. Your hands wiull be tighted up all the time.
Oh, and recovery - ditto. the more you do, the less you need - body adapted. That's why when I complain I am not running much, say, a week after a 100, and most folks say I have an excuse, I say - no, I don't. I am fine, I am just lazy:)

Abbie said...

Ya, my daughter is 19 months and barely says 10 words. She understands everything I say to her though... We were in the grocery store and she pointed to the chips and said, "chips!" so I know we'll get there soon. I think all the studies on child development (while amazing and wonderful) sometimes make us nervous as parents if our child is lagging.

Good luck with the pregnancy thing. It's a tough choice. I feel the same way as you... would be happy to have another one but still am not sure if I'm ready.

And PS. I loved that Oprah show!

Allison Chapple said...

I have an IUD and am having it removed in December. I think you're right about having a child and how it makes you want to have another one! I am both excited and terrified and the prospect of another kiddo in our house but it's never going to be a perfect time. Might as well do it! Good luck!!!!

Marathon Mom said...

I hear you on the pregnancy thing and other commitments. Although I am only having #1 soon, both my husband and I are in grad school and working. I know it will be tough, but with all other aspects the timing was right. I don't think there is ever a perfect time, you just need to look for something that works for the situation.

H said...

That doesn't sound behind at all. Angeline is coming on 15 months and barely says anything at all - doctor says it means nothing if they seem to hear and attempt to communicate/imitate sometimes, and that it's common in children who are especially physical (Angeline was walking at 9 months and is still ahead of the curve in coordination and physical abilities) I think the best thing is to not stress unless your doctor is worried!

Angela said...

My experience with the IUD is the bleeding got better with time if you can hold out. I love mine now but the first 6 months were rough while my body adjusted to the change. It is a fragile system and an IUD is definitely change. You might want to be checked that nothing else is causing the bleeding and hold out if you really don't want to worry about prenancy now.

SteveQ said...

Running song of the day: "Lisztomania" by Phoenix. Check it out.

sea legs girl said...

Steve Q, Okay I am doubtful that Einstein and Edison could not speak until they were two. Do we really know much about their young childhoods? I read a biography of Einstein and while back and don't recall that. Point taken, though, that number of words does not have much significance.

Agreed, Danni. And thanks for find me on Facebook!

Thanks also for your thoughts, Angela!

Olga, how did on know you would be an expert on these subjects? :) I really appreciate your advice. Interesting about the Russian IUD. Was it a copper one?

Thanks, Abbie! That "chips" story is so cute. SR and I both got a good laugh out of that. It is fun that we have little ones so close in age.

The Chappels, Good luck to you, too, if it's baby time again :). Yeah, I am more leaning towards it (like what if I suddenly become amenorrheic again like I was an entire 6 years before I met SR???), but of course SR has to agree, too.

Yeah, thanks Marathon Princess, and all the best to you with your #1! It IS hard to find a PERFECT time, but best to avoid a DISASTROUS time.

Heather, agreed. I don't think anything is wrong with The Bois. It is just interesting to see how he seems to be holding back because of the two language thing. Wow, that your daughter walked at 9months. Same story with my best friend's daughter. Amazing.

I have acutally had the IUD in for a year and a half, so it is surprsing the problems just started. And I woke up Monday morning with sheets and shorts dreched in blood and yellow fluid (yuck!) that's when I figured something was weird. But now it's normal again. Who knows.

Steve, I've got that one on the ipod. I don't know, the tempo just doesn't work for me, but it is a cool song. Thanks!

Erin (from last post), thanks for writing and that is crazy you had such problems with your IUD. There is nothing like birth control to make a woman's body go completely wack. But without it, our lives would be wack :). (Is "wack" to 80's of a term?)