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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Shoe dilemma

We have Copenhagen's 6 hour race coming up on Saturday and I need some advice.

I have been training in the same shoes for years...

The Saucony Grid Hurricane 7

But they are quite heavy for race shoes. They have also stopped making them and I have only one pair left.

Then I bought these shoes (Mizuno Wave Rider 12)

and after running in them for a while today, my shin splints (anterior tibilias tendonitis) seemed to come back in my left leg (but it's hard to say if it was the shoes or lots of running over the weekend).

The best shoes I have ever run in are the Mizuno Wave Ascend 3.

I could wear these, but they are trail running shoes and we will be running 6 hours on asfalt.

Should I wear one of these pairs (perhaps the one in the middle since it's so huge) or go out and quickly buy new shoes before the race?

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Me said...

I find I get shin splints when I switch to new shoes. Maybe the new shoes and the amount of running caused it? I'd go with whatever is most comfortable right now, especially with 6 hours of road running.

green light said...

The Hurricane and the Ascend are both stability shoes, meaning shoes with a medial post. The Rider is neutral, meaning it does not have a medial post. Medial posts are the technology in shoes that can correct overpronation. Overpronation contributes to many running injuries, including shin pain (although usually medial, not lateral/anterior). If you liked the Rider and the Ascend, the Mizuno Inspire is a posted shoe that is not as stiff. The Ascend has also been discontinued, replaced by the Cabrakan, which is new (and expensive), and a bit on the heavy side (probably heavier than your beloved old Hurricanes).

sea legs girl said...

Thank you Me and green light for the advice. I went running briefly in the old Sauconys this morning and they were much more comfortable than the Mizuno Wave Riders. So I'll probably wear the Sauconys for the race and then try to find the Mizuno Inspires (thanks, green light; they look really comfortable).

er said...

No new shoes before racing! Cardinal rule! I always suggest buying shoes at least one week prior to a race and getting a few runs in - even if they are a model one has worn before!

Marie-Aline said...

I also love the Ascend, and have tried the RIder, but as they are neutral shoes, they did not fit. I race with Asics DS Trainer, and love them. I run up to marathons with them (as I am quite light, they are fine). That being said, not sure I would run a 6 hour race with them, as they don't have a lot of cushioning. I have also tried the Mizuno wave precision, which are light weight shoes, but again, without too much cushioning, and not providing much stability either.
My advice would be not to race in new, not tested shoes, though!
God luck in your search!

Helen said...

Looks like you have the show advice so I just want to say Good Luck and Have Fun!!!

Helen said...

shoe not show!

Shelby said...

I am a huge fan of the Hurricanes! I am a neutral runner that really just likes cushioning, and when i use those shoe advisors, hurricanes do NOT pop up, but they are the only shoe i have truly loved!