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Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Race Schedule for 2009-2010

It is my pleasure to finally bring you our tentative race schedule for the upcoming year.

We are not too fine to be talked into or out of anything.

1. Oct. 24, 2009 - Copenhagen 6 hour run

We have thus far participated in only hilly, technical ultras so it will be fun to see how far and fast we can run on a flat surface. Though it also means we won't have the usual excuses.

2. December 5 - FKBU 8,2 k by Bagsværd Sø

3. January 10 - Kalundborg Winter Half Marathon

4. March 24 - Sydkystmaraton - Half Marathon

5. April 4 - Skærtorsdagsløb 10 k

6. April 24 - Chippewa 50k

? May 5 - Trieste Marathon??? Seems too close to Chippewa, but thanks for the invitation, Leslie!!

7. May 23rd - Copenhagen Marathon

8. June 18th - Bornholm 24 hour race (This is on the Danish island in the Baltic Sea north of Poland. I am hoping to use my distance there to represent Denmark in the 24 race world championships... just a litle dream I have)

* I actually signed up for the Western States Lottery for a total of 30 minutes and then took myself back out when I realized there was no way it would work with the kids' vacation time.

9. July ? - Kanal Triathlon - Olympic Distance

10. End of July - Mount Hood 50 mile There are many races in contention around this time, since we have vacation at the end of July and beginning of August, but we have some family in that area and of course Olga is one of the race directors.

11. End of August - Villa Gallina Løb 14 k in Haslev. No website!

12. Beginning of October - Brocken Marathon in Harz Nationalpark in Germany Thanks to Iris from Germany for telling me what a good race this is.

Running Song of the Day: Strange Overtones by Brian Eno & David Byrne (an unusual and beautiful song)


SteveQ said...

Hey, I might join you at the 24 hour run, if Denmark'll let me in (France won't). But I wouldn't do anything called Skater Dog Slobber. I'll be at Chippewa, but may not be running it.

Olga said...

Honey, I hate to break my heart, but I think Mike and I are dropping PCT50 for directing - that is if everything goes perfect in terms of permits for Hood100. A 100M race occupies a lot of attention and takes much effort, and being it so close after putting on a 50 miler, we don't want anymore screw ups. I don't even know at this point who is taking over it - we haven't announced it yet.

sea legs girl said...

That would be so much fun! It is supposed to be a beautiful island, so if one finds themself in the peculiar situation of having to run 24 hours in a row, this is proabably a good place to do it.

Mais est il vrai que ce n'est pas possible en France? Pourquoi? Est il seulement que tu ne parles pas francais avec eux?

Olga, bummer! I'd personally rather run the 100, but we just have vacation at the time of the 50. And we have always wanted to run in that area. Perhaps it's back to the drawing board.

cherelli said...

wow, neat schedule, did I see any triathlons in there??? Hmmm :)
The Mt Hood run would be great, love that area. Happy training!

Danni said...

Nice! If you're looking for 100 at the end of July there's going to be one here. Though it will be mountain-y - but not rocky and scary like Transalpine sounded.

sea legs girl said...

Cherelli, Great to hear from you. We're thinking about doing the olympic distance Kanal triathlon again (it's on the list!), but we may find a half iron man instead.

Danni, which 100 miler are you talking about? Elkhorn? I thought it was a 50 miler/50k. Now I'm confused. But interested.

SteveQ said...

I can read a little French, but can't write or speak it (VERY midwestern accent), so... they wouldn't give me a visa and they don't have to give a reason. I think it has something to do with an old connection with the ELA (Basque separatists).

Phatgirlslim said...

What? No Ottawa Marathon in May?

nwgdc said...

See you at Chippewa!

Helen said...

Will miss Chippewa next year - so you have the task of chicking Dr. Nic :) maybe you will decide on Voyageur if nothing else looks good end July - will be a whole new race when you start with everyone!!

amazon said...

If you do the Mt. Hood 50 miler, I'll cheer you on. We volunteered there this year (we live in Portland). :)