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"That is happiness; to be disolved into something complete and great. When it comes to one, it comes as naturally as sleep." - Willa Cather

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Heart Full of Love

It's been a crazy week and I'm not sure if anyone is actually reading this blog anymore after my long absence.

Oh, well. I continue nonetheless.

SR is sick upstairs with a fever. He actually had to call in sick from work. I have been sitting down here with the Bois, trying to write my wedding vows. There really is something to expressing your love for someone in words. And we saw a great example of this in Kinamand (Chinaman) last night (a great Danish movie).

And our own Chinaman...

Yesterday we bought our wedding rings and SR picked out the jewelry I'm going to wear to the ceremony with me at Target.

Christian will be baptized right after we are married. SR's parents brought him a beautiful old family gown from Europe.

Anyway, we spent the week with all three kids and SR's parents. The kids were so happy, animated and creative with continuous love surrounding them. It was amazing to see how much they grew in just one week.

Of course there was a lot of jealousy of Christian. SR's parents were very careful about giving equal attention to the three kids. This was obviously a difficult task. I must admit it is extremely difficult for me to pay equal attention and give equal love to all of the children when the bois occupies at least 50% of my mind at any given time. There is most certainly an evolutionary explanation for this, young babies being so completely helpless. But it simply feels like love to me.

But the great thing about the human heart is it can never get too full with love.

The best night of their visit was celebrating Daughter's and SR's mom's birthdays. SR made an amazing Salmon dinner and a gourmet birthday cake.

I had a little red wine with dinner which the Bois enjoyed a couple hours later.

I also lost a good amount of weight, not getting much chance to sneak away and gorge myself like usual and needing to keep up with all of the exercise and breast feeding. Even my mom noticed I had lost weight, which made me really happy.

And I have been running the fastest 5ks I've ever run. Recently I've been doing a couple in a row on the treadmill in 23 minutes. And I ran 16 miles last weekend with 9 minute miles. I'm getting very excited about our upcoming 50 k. I have to say running pregnant has proven to be great training for the upcoming running season!

Running Song of the Day: Amsterdam by Guster


Anonymous said...

you're kidding about Christian getting the affects of the alcohol, right?

kiwi_runner said...

Your family is beautiful and you look so happy- I really enjoy your updates :-)

sea legs girl said...

Thanks, Kiwi.

Allison, I really don't think less than half a glass of wine had too much effect on Chrisitan (despite the picture). Occassional moderate alcohol intake (a lot more than I drink) while breastfeeding hasn't been shown to have adverse effects. SR's parents were pushing more wine that night and think it's strange I didn't drink at all during pregnancy. Anyway, those Scandinavians are a lot less conservative. No doubt we in the US live in a society of fear and guilt, as I've brought up before. Every mother needs to develop a consciousness about what she thinks is right for her and her baby. And I want to see my baby looking like a drunken sailor (okay, I'm kidding about that!).

Olga said...

Spot on for American guilt trips about everything, yet still doing weird things on average.
Baby's growing fast. Good job on running - what 50k are you looking into?

Phatgirlslim said...

Drinking a little wine with dinner is NOT going to hurt Christian. At most, it could turn the taste of your breastmilk and cause him to refuse it. Obviously not the case. It's often recommended that nursing moms drink a pint of stout a day to promote milk production. I'd be more worried about getting drunk and rolling over on the baby than I would about the little bit of alcohol (if any) that makes it through the breastmilk to him.

Meghan said...

Hi Sea Legs!

I've been stopping be occasionally and wondering how you were. Sounds like things are quite wonderful and altogether busy in your home.

Ohmygoodness the last picture of your post with shocked little Christian is so funny and adorable. I was out loud laughing. You should host a captioning contest for that photo. My submission would read: "After months of seeming ambivalence to the regular procession of bare breasts, Christian -finally- reacts to being flashed in typical man fashion." ;)

I wonder if your commenters will ever leave you alone with their questioning of your various abilities as a pregnant person and now mother. Gosh, I'm curious as to how those commenters would react if someone said the same thing to them as they have said to you along the way? I'll bet that most would be unable to handle such inquiries as well as you do. Props to your continued patience, lady! If it were me, I might say "Shoo!" to all of them unless they had something positive and productive to say.

Be well, happy marriage, and joyous baby christening!


Meghan said...

Oh yeah, and I forgot to second Olga in wondering about the 50K you plan to run. Which one, where, when?

Lisa said...

Oh, Sealegsgirl....we are Italian. Don't think for a minute my mom missed her nightly glass of wine with EACH of us 5 kids.

Could you kindly get that hair dryer away from the sink while bathing the Bois? LOL! Glad your running is going great!

allison said...

I wasn't trying to pass judgment, SLG. I was just asking a question. Forgive me if I sounded like I was being a nag. I just really didn't know how much alcohol is passed through breast milk. I have my answer now.