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Thursday, 20 March 2008

I'm no pro at this

I can't believe it. The Bois just rolled off the couch. I am such an idiot mother. Luckily he fell on a big stack of blankets. I don't think he's hurt, but we were both in a state of panic for a minute there.

Oh, he just smiled at me (I think). Maybe he forgives me. He's such a magical creature to me.

And the weather is beautiful. How do I forget every year that amazing feeling of running in early spring? I downloaded the songs that SR had put on a mix for me last spring. It gave me such a rush of happiness while running. And made me so, well, horny. It is a bit too soon for another baby, though. Hopefully the LAM (lactation amenorrhea method) won't fail us for a few weeks.

In other news, we went to step-Daughter's teacher conference. It was the two of us, the Bois, the step-Daughter and step-Daughter's mom. The teacher was very complimentary of step-Daughter, but obviously overwhelmed by the social situation at the two homes. Seemed to find it a bit weird. That's pretty annoying since I think step-Daughter gets enough teasing from other kids. But, of course, kids only tease her about the three mom's because they get the idea it's wrong from their parents.

If only people would fight battles that were worth fighting. And not reject things just because they're different. But we're in middle America here. Perhaps she'll move with us to Europe, but that's a while off and it's not my decision to make.

What I do know is the next time I post, I'll be a married woman. I'm not sure why my dream is coming true, but I don't want to waste a minute of our life together.

Here we are one year ago to the day.

We have had a lot of fun this past year.

And I'm still so in love, but now I've got a Bois who just pooped through his diaper and outfit and onto the Boppy.

Running Song of the Day: Forever Young by Bob Dylan


olga said...

Roll over's happen. Not that you won't look for, but they happen to every mom - c'mon, moms, didn't they?
Happy, happy, happy wedding day to both of you! It's been great to follow your love story.

Mommy Dearest said...

Roll overs do happen to the best of us. Most of the time we get lucky and they fall onto something soft and don't get hurt. It's like a reminder for us to be more careful from that moment on. Don't worry about it, he's fine. Congrats on your wedding!

Lisa said...

Clearly you have not heard the story where I tried to shut the basement door and it popped back open. My niece went for it in her little rolling thingy and careened down the stairs. She had an egg on her head like you would not believe. It was 20 years ago and now she is in pre-law, so no brain damaage evident yet. I nearly died.

Sea Legs Girl, the dynamics of step daughters life should not be judged by this teacher. Does she not know any gay people? I think she is weird. Tolerance is not a value in this classroom? I fear she is not guiding the other kids to refrain from derogatory comments because she does not agree with her Mom's lifestyle.

Barbara said...

How scary! So glad he wasn't injured. None of my three kids ever rolled off anything, but then again I was a pretty paranoid parent during those early months.

I'm not trying to scare you, but I've known two women who got pregnant while nursing. Good luck, though! And I think it's awesome that you are nursing.

Congrats on your wedding!

Lisa said...

Barbara, come to think of it, my best friend got preggo while nursing because her pediatrician husband tricked her! LOL! He told her she could not get pregnant and knew very well she could because he was ready to try for another baby and my friend was not.

sea legs girl said...

According to the studies I've seen, LAM is 98.5% effective if you breastfeed or pump every 6 hours or less and you are 6 months or less postpartum and you haven't started menstruating yet. If you don't meet all of these criteria, it's not a good method of birth control.