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Thursday, 6 March 2008

losing my immunoglobulins

It is now almost 4 weeks post-partum. Christian is doing great. I on the other hand seem to have lost my ability to fight off infection. I woke up this morning with a painful left eye matted shut with tons of yellow pus, a red painful infection on my finger and persistent itching where the maxi-pad rash was.

Yes, despite my reputation for not cleaning the house, I do wash my hands.

The entire pregnancy I was like a wall. Despite being exposed to nearly every imaginable common illness in the Urgent Care, I only had one cold.

I guess Christian is the wall now. He hasn't even gotten a diaper rash (I like to think that is because we only use cloth diapers and NO wipes... only wash clothes with hot water). But honestly, it's probably the super immunity given to him by the breast milk. If I have to lose my immunoglobulins, I'm glad at least he is getting some of them.
Here I am with little Fidel Castro in his leisure suit.

Running song of the day: Bossy by Keilis featuring Too $hort

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