Photo from Mount Royal, Frisco, Colorado.

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Monday, 31 March 2008

50k "preparation"

I've never been one to prepare correctly for races as SR points out to me often. But if running a beautiful 18 miles counts as preparation for the 50k, then I'm glad to oblige.

We got a babysitter yesterday so SR and I could go on our last long run before the race. I have been having diarrhea 10 + times a day for the last 6 days, so I started out dehydrated and tired. But, when the cool moisture and the smell of the dirt and the trees became part of me (and I had completely evacuated my colon), it was easy to keep running. And I listened to all of my favorite Danish songs. By the time the 18 miles was up, I wanted to keep going, but I was dehydrated and hungry. That will be the awesome thing about the race in 2 weeks, is there will be places to stop to eat and drink. How cool is that? I can see why people (many of my readers) get into ultramarathons. It's like a perfect long run, but with rest stops and food along the way. Yeah, I'm excited.

In other news, we weighed The Bois yesterday and he was over 11 lbs!! Our week by week pregnancy book says if he started out 7 lbs, he should be 9.75 lbs now. I guess his great grandma was spot on when she saw him and said "He's fat!"

Here's the little porker with grandma and great grandma.

And in the nude, umbilical hernia and all. He looks like a little fat rap star. And he'll love me one day for posting this on the internet.

Speaking of rap stars, I doubt you readers will understand much more than the swear words in this song, but I'll recommend it nonetheless.

Running song of the Day: Bare sig til by Niarn


Michelle said...

I think his great-grandma should keep her "fat" comments to herself. Why would anyone call a healthy, adorable baby "fat"? That is just ridiculous to me.

Lisa said...

I think he's cute!

What is your training program? You don't have to be specific about dates.

Olga said...

Good luck on that...hmm, 50k, the dude who puts it one is a great guy, say hi to him. 18 miles is a bliss - wait till you get to 30! :)

Meghan said...

I love the expressions you manage to capture of the little bugger in your photos. My mind gives them goofy captions the moment I look at them. Of the last photo, I think he's thinking: "Well, isn't this awkward."

I'm running a 50k in a few weeks too. Doubt it's the same one as I have no idea where y'all live. But good luck and eat and drink merrily down the trail!