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"That is happiness; to be disolved into something complete and great. When it comes to one, it comes as naturally as sleep." - Willa Cather

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Marathon PR on a friendly training run

Yes, it happened to me. Well, at least almost.

I woke up feeling great after a relaxing Saturday watching The Lorax. Then I got a great deal of inspiration from Olga, who just won the Neuces 50 miler in Texas (after no sleep, nonetheless). I figured in order to keep up with her at the Hells Hills 50 miler April 3rd, I had better get my ass in gear. Plus there is only time for long runs on weekends.

The sun was shining over the whole island of Sjælland. Because of a birthday party in Copenhangen an SR's parents kindly watching the kids, we arranged an interesting training day:

We ran 12.25 miles in 1:46, relaxed and ate for 3 hours at the party, and then did the same 12.25 miles again, this time in 1:53 (God, I love having a Garmin). A total of 24.5 miles in 3:39. Not bad for a training day. Okay, it wasn't a full marathon length, it wasn't a PR and it wasn't the whole distance at the same time (I am a filthy liar). BUT it felt great. I am barely sore. It is exhillarating to be able to run such a distance at such a pace and hardly feel it.

I will just add the time flew with intersting conversations: everything from the tourist industry in Sierra City, CA to the downfall of Edie Sedgwick. It was however good that our run was almost over when we started arguing about the Icelandic national debt.

No music today, but here's a good new song from Iceland:

"By and By" by Lay Low


Marie-Aline Putz-Perrier said...
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olga said...

Your grassy ass is totally safe:)

Erika said...

Hi, I came across your blog while researching pregnancy and running, so I've been reading up on all of your pregnancy posts. I just wanted to tell you that you are amazing! I love running, and am currently 18 weeks pregnant now. My doctor told me not to do a half marathon, and that's okay, I am not even close to your level of fitness. But it is still inspiring to read about you and so I will keep running through my pregnancy as much as I can. I referenced you in my latest post, I hope that's okay?

sea legs girl said...

Well, Marie-Aline, if we are ever in the Alps, I would love to watch little Malo and especially see him play with The Lorax. BUT then I might have to get a turn running in the French Alps. Sounds pretty nice.

Ha, Olga, I knew you'd enjoy that saying :).

Erika, you just brought a lot of joy into my life by writing that. I just hope you have a wonderful pregnancy and I'm glad you're not giving up on running all together. Thanks for the link to your blog. You have beautiful, beautiful kids. Good luck with preg #4! And thank you!