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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

new running form, mile PR and categorical goals

It's been 3 days since the training marathon, but I decided to chance running some mile intervals today.

I have a very tight medial hamstring in my right leg, causing so much pain in my knee that I can barely walk. But when I run, I can't feel it at all.

My plan was to run 6 x 1 mile intervals like usual. During my first interval, something strange happened. I started using my arms to help me along. It just came naturually. And I felt more like a running machine than my usual awkward self. A 6:30 pace with arm pumping became easier and more efficient than my 6:45 pace without. To make a long story short, in the 3rd mile everything came together and I ran a mile PR of 6:21 (!). I have run miles faster in races, but I have never officially timed them. So this is my PR by default. My next mile was in 6:48, so I didn't completely ruin my chance at running the rest. But by that time, my knee was hurting, so I had to stop the intervals.

A mile in 6:21 doesn't sound that fast. (and a lot of you probably hate me for writing that, but when I have run a 5k in 19:20, it's not that fast). BUT in the fall, I could not get myself to run ONE mile interval in less than 7 minutes in practice, let alone many in a row.

But what am I training for? This question was posed to me by my running friend, Mette, who just amazingly ran a 10k PR in 38:50. Well, there is the easy answer: I am training for the 15k on Saturday, the 80k Hells Hills in Texas and The Copenhagen Marathon at the end of May. But then there is the real answer: I am training to just be BETTER.

Here are my physical categorical goals:

Running: faster at all distances (except less than 1 mile... I've given up on that)
Swimming: Go for a 30 lap PR once a week (I tought myself to swim now 5 years ago and since we have lived in Denmark, I have gone from a fastest time of 45 minutes to 37 minutes (two days ago)... I alternate using that between-the-legs floaty thing and not to strengthen my arms)
Biking: Become less afraid of dying. Be able to ride an Ironman distance.
Looks/weight: more lean, stronger abs, no pimples, more tan :)

The one immediate numerical goal I have is to run the 15k in less than 63 minutes.

I guess I could talk about emotional and mental/metal goals, but you would all fall asleep (if you haven't already).

Running song of the day: Tik Tok by Ke$ha (sorry, it's intervals, I just need something fast)


PiccolaPineCone said...

So much fun to set goals - even funner to meet them. Out of curiosity, how did you come up with a goal time of 63? is it based somehow on your average interval time when doing miles?
Congrats on your mile PB! Even more impressive that it was done in the middle of a work-out.

olga said...

I think goals are important. I train to revive some of the speed I used to have, to complete new trail races I haven't explored, to fulfill all the hopes of others (it weighing a bit on me, but I am using it to my benefits when lazy), to look good in any clothes, to be sexy when I am 60, to not have to deal with gut falling out and legs extending beyond imagination, to be able to backpack and hike a lot even when I can't run races anymore, and to connect with those special crazy people I wouldn't have been able to otherwise.

mmmonyka said...

Congrats! Keep up good work but be careful and do not injure yourself. Hope your hamstring/knee feels better. I think that I should set some goals for myself because I have been running, but without a real plans for races or anything and it is always better to have some goals. So I am going to plan my next race and set a goal!

Diana said...

I suppose a 6:21 doesn't sound that fast compared to, oh I don't know, an elite runner getting paid to run day in and day out, but I think your time sounds fantastic. Congrats on your mile PR!
Do you have enough sun in Denmark to get a tan? I think the winter whiteness of my stomach would blind someone right now if they caught a glimpse of it. :)
Good luck at your race on Saturday!

Jrahn said...

I, for one, am curious about your emotional goals. :)

sea legs girl said...

Piccola!, Leslie :)... I figure 1st 5k in 20, 2nd in 21, 3rd in just under 22.

Olga, I totally agree with your goal of being active when older. SR and I often say that stiffness is a terrible disease of aging. It is so so so important to stay active just to prevent the consequences of not doing it.

Awesome mmmonyka! I am excited to see what the race will be...

Diana, I also like completely unattainable goals, like getting tan in Denmark. Oh, but wait!, I'm going to Texas! Are you feeling similarly defficient in Vit D there in Holland?

Jrahn, I just heard an interview with Peter Belli (a Danish musician and actor) who said the reason he has been so ihappily married for the past 40 years is every day he finds something he loves about his wife, June, and every day touches her in a loving way. Well, that is a goal I have for my marriage with SR. And yes, it is also good to write down goals like that!

Helen said...

Nice job on the mile repeats - everytime I read your training I think I need to start speed work... but my excuse is the weather (forgetting that I have a treadmill in my basement)...

I agree on the running reasons - one of my fav quotes:

"I run to exceed my perceived limits, to do better than I think I can." Eric Clifton