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Friday, 19 March 2010

Spring Cleaning (not really about cleaning)

There are so many subjects to discuss today.

But since the title mentions Spring Cleaning, I will first confess that I hired a woman from Vilnius, Lithuania to clean our entire apartment yesterday. She actually had to tell me what cleaning products to buy since we didn't own any, except toilet cleaner (hard to get along without that) and well, soap. The apartment is, at this moment, beautiful. Since I was feeling pretty down about my wifery skills, I was really glad when she said "I like make clean here. You have warm family." Wish I could say something kind in Lithuanian in return, but every time I try to pronounce from google translate, I fail miserably. For example Dėkoju už pagalbą.

As long as I am confessing, I attempted to run intervals on Wednesday and ran 3 x 1 mile, all at over 7 minutes per mile and then just gave up due to sore legs. Terrible. That 15k on Sunday took way more out of me than I or my coach, SR, anticipated. I am just hoping I have it in my legs to run a PR 10k tomorrow.

Now onto the book. Running Routes of the World (temporary title). It looks like it is happening. Here is our list of authors and where they are from and/or where they are writing about.

Olga- lives in TX (? not really sure if she is writing... pressure...)
Leslie-lives in Italy
Diana - lives in Holland
Steve - Afton State Park, MN
Marie-Aline - lives France
Ashley - lives in North Carolina
Helen - also Afton State Park, MN
Monyka - lives in France (will she write?)
Layna - also lives in North Carolina
John - has already written a poem! - lives in Montreal
Rasmus(aka SR, aka Fast Bastard) - lives in Denmark, will write about La Crosse, WI...?
Tracy(aka Sea Legs Girl, aka me) - lives in Denmark, will write about (sorry, only SR knows)

Wow! 10 definite authors, 2 potentials. Anyone else in? And I had better receive SOMETHING from the authors by the end of April! Even if it's just a sentence or a very rough draft, at least then I'll know you're in. Email address:

One more topic. I have been in contact with a Danish researcher about the National Danish Birth Cohort. There are data about women who have run greater than 5 miles per week during pregnancy and all of their birth outcomes. I am soon going to be applying for the right to analyze these data. I am on the lookout for someone with experience in researching exercise in pregnancy to work with me, since I have another huge project going right now. I will keep you all updated if anything happens with that.

Finally, SR is always nagging me about what new running songs he can listen to. He apparently never reads my "Running Song of the Day" suggestions. To make it easier, I am going to insert the You Tube videos of my four current favorite interval running songs. Some of them have been mentioned before.

1. Subtlety is sometimes overrated:

2. Don't forget about the classics (sorry about the poor video quality!)

3. Danish, very Danish

4. Maybe my favorite band of the moment (from Iceland)


Helen said...

I suppose I should really write about Ireland - give you another country and since Steve did suggest Afton first!! End of April it is...

Totally support the cleaning help - I can't really justify it myself given I really only sleep in my house but you have more important "wifely" duties... mostly ensuring you are in a good state of mind i.e. by running lots :)

SteveQ said...

Sorry about the Voynich wild-goose chase. I once wrote about it at:

It's a wonderful way to waste time, however.

mmmonyka said...

Thank you for the encouragement for my 10k on track race. I think that was the last time I did something like that:)
As for the running route story, I think I will pass but if something worth writing/reading comes into my mind, I will send it to you by the end of April.

Baby Indie said...

cleaning is an undervalued skill - nothing wrong with leaving it to the professionals

PiccolaPineCone said...

Hi SLG - although I am living in Italy, I am writing about Montreal. Thanks!

Diana said...

Whew, and here I thought I was way past a deadline to send you my piece.

Having a cleaning lady would be nice, but then I wouldn't have any excuses for procrastinating. Obviously I can't finish my chapter if the living room floor needs to be scrubbed.